Plug-and-Play White Label SMS Reseller Solution

Your Brand, Our Mobile Technology

Whether you aspire to be a reseller or to start your own privately branded website, our white-label software platform offers you the opportunity to create your own marketing and messaging web service that goes far beyond just mobile messaging.

SMSKit's white-label and reseller program surpasses ordinary SMS marketing alternatives by adding other messaging and marketing features such as WhatsApp marketing, MMS promotions, and voice broadcast. But it’s our powerful Messaging & Marketing Automation technologies that end all comparisons. SMSKit is the only Marketing Automation service that works with SMS and WhatsApp.

Here are just a few benefits of starting your branded service through SMSKit:

Resel all our services on your own terms

Buy at our low wholesale price and sale at your own rate

Complete tools to manage your own customers

Offer Online Payment options to your customers

Keep 100% of the profits

Sale under your own domain

Customize your own feature sets and pricing

Ready within Seconds

No Setup Cost! No Hidden Charges

How To Become a Reseller

1, Create a Free account Here for a start
2, Open a Support Ticket telling us to make you a Resellerr
3, We will convert your account to a Reseller in a few seconds
4, Login to your new account and configure your reseller portal
5, Link your own domain (if required)
6, Fund your account and start Reselling!

Need more information on our White-Label reseller solution?
Feel free to Contact Us or call our sales team on +234805-224-7359

Rebrand and sell our technology as your own and keep 100% of the profits. As a SMSKit White Label Reseller, you can customize your marketing offerings, plans, and pricing. Create basic plans with a single communication channel like SMS texting, and premium ones that include every channel, like WhatsApp, multimedia media and texting. It’s all your choice.