Whatsapp Messenger is a cross-platform messaging application that is it is available for use on various platforms such as iPhone, Android, Windows, Nokia and Blackberry and it is available for use at no cost.

Whatsapp has reached over 900 Million active users worldwide making it a great platform for dessemination of information. The transformative mobile marketing procedure

with bulk messages sent via whatsapp enables individuals or companies send messages with audio, pictures or videos to an unlimited number of recipients, thereby making this an awesome avanue for information dispersation.


Various Message Formats

Send text, images, audio and video using whatsapp.

Connect Globally

Connect with customers with numbers active on whatsapp anywhere in the world.

Organize Contacts

Create and manage groups to organize your contacts.

Customized Channel

Want to use your own WhatsApp number as your sender ID? we can create a dedicated whatsapp channel just for you.


Get delivery reports and details of messages