Voice messaging has to do with an individual or an organization sending a pre-recorded voice message to a list of contacts without the need to manually dial each number. SMSKit offers you this great service, it enables you send pre-recorded voice SMS to any list of contact you choose. With SMSKit voice messaging service you can market a product or service, send business information, sermons, update information, transactional data like notifications, alerts or passwords and so much more in an expressive way. Voice messaging can be used by NGOs, government organizations, religions institutions, marketers, entrepreneurs, educational institutions, political aspirants and so on.

Ways to use SMSKit's Voice Messaging Service

  • Share sermons
  • Market products/services
  • Transmit emergency alerts
  • Send automated reminders
  • Send delay or cancellation messages
  • Advertise promotions with voice messaging
  • Notify customers of upcoming billing dates or past invoices

Benefits of SMSKit's Voice SMS

  • Clear Sounding Messages
  • Reach out to large audience
  • Allows you reach out to the audience in an expressive way
  • Fast SMS Delivery
  • Get responses from contacts through keypads
  • Ability to schedule for specific times
  • Text to speech feature