Your SMS Advertisements Reach ONLY Your Best Buyers

No more guesswork. Reach out to your real customers with laser-sharp precision on their cell phones.

We have over 22 million active and valid Nigeria Local GSM phone numbers in our database which is highly profiled on a Gender, City-by-City and State-by-State basis, all with owner's real name. Thus you can target your message to any specific location in Nigeria. We ensure that whatever your goals are, whether it's to sell, promote, brand, inform, notify, campaign, advertise, educate or to create awareness and for election/voting purpose; you can take advantage of the most cost-effective, direct, targeted, reliable, immediate and instant way to deliver your message to Nigerians in any part of Nigeria.

Our bulk SMS advertising system will automatically match your ads according to your specifications of audiences' physical location, interests, demography, and even on the mobile sets they carry. Once your SMS mobile marketing campaign starts running and responses pour in, you will get a wealth of information to focus your campaign better.

Benefits of Bulk SMS Marketing

  • Bulk SMS Services as a marketing tool offer several distinct advantages over other media like TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and internet.
  • SMS reaches users instantly without being too intrusive like a phone call. Salespersons calling people are spared rudeness over the phone from irritated customers.
  • It can be delivered to people irrespective of location and time. Even if the phone is switched off, the SMS is received the moment the phone is switched on.
  • All the information is uniformly conveyed to everyone to whom SMS has been sent in bulk.
  • You can be sure that the message through SMS will reach the user, irrespective of whether they choose to read it or not. With e-mail, your promotion may end up in the spam folder.
  • People carry mobile phones everywhere they go. Even if they do not have access to a TV or radio, they will definitely have access to SMS.
  • It is easier for people to act upon bulk SMS immediately. For instance, usually bulk SMS services also include receiving feedback from users with the help of codes specified in the original message. The person receiving the bulk SMS can reply back to the source with a code that specifies a particular service which the customer wishes to avail. With radio, TV and other conventional advertising media, there are no such options.
  • Because people will send feedback instantly if they are interested, you have a more accurate idea of the success of your marketing strategy.
  • With Bulk SMS, you don't have to laboriously send messages to every recipient. Bulk SMS software sends the same message to several people at once.
  • You do not require any special infrastructure or expensive technology to implement this marketing ploy. You just have to register online with us.
  • Bulk SMS keeps you in touch with your regular customers in a more personalized way.
  • Bulk SMS services are much cheaper than advertising in TV or Radio for the same amount of reach.

Start today to better control your SMS advertising campaigns.

Our SMS Marketing Pricing

Target No. of SMS Recipients

Price per SMS

1,000 - 99,999


100,,000 - 199,000


200,000 - 499,999


5,000 and Above