Bulk SMS API Integration Service

Have an online eCommerce store? created a web based app? looking for ways to integrate your app with sms notifications to your customers? we're here to help you. We give free sms API integration & additional support for our customers. Sign Up now for our 20 SMS Trial Package and get all sample API scripts in PHP, Java, .Net, C# with a dedicated a/c loaded with 20 SMS for testing. For any support regarding SMS API integration into your application, email us at support[at]smskit.net or call us on +234708-853-8551
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Integrate your Website (or) App (or) ERP Software using our SMS API

The above HTTP Call can be performed in any platform ranging from PHP, Java, asp.net, C#, etc,. We are one of the leading SMS integration service providers in India with the application of our cutting edge technology and experience. we have made the process of API integration with your website or App simple and seamless. We integrate bulk SMS into website that takes minimum load time and provides maximum user satisfaction. Our service spans not only to the websites, but we also cover other applications. SMSKit.net provides high speed, secured, 1 and 2-way SMS services that can suit different purposes of businesses. If you are looking for a bulk SMS API integration service that allows the customers to respond back through the same gateway, we can be the best solution to fit your requirements with our api integrated long code services. The service is provided over a wide array of connection options using HTTP API, XML API, and others in order to suit different needs of different systems.



What is API?: API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to integrate SMSKit's  SMS services into your own application for better control and functionality required by you.


HTTP API: This API is used to send single SMS from your application. It's just an URL which you should call to send SMS. to multiple recipients, in this case you can use this API.


(a) Balance Check API: Use this API to check the balance of your account any time with expiry date.

(b) Delivery Report API: This API shall be used to check the delivery status of your SMS.


We offer complete reports that will store every record and data of the sent texts; recipient list and SMS purchase history, so that you can seamlessly work with your promotional process.


Free API & Support for SMSKit's Customers:

Taking the best care of the customers and delivering them with 100% satisfaction is our first priority. We provide free API for SMS gateway integration in various programming languages, we mainly deal with PHP, also supports Java, asp.net, C#. So irrespective of the platform you can avail our service and enjoy the benefits unbound. We specialize in providing customised SMS solutions, so whatever is your need we can help you with a technology driven solution to suit your requirements in the most perfect way. Quick deployment and 24x7 technical supports make our service most preferred by different enterprises in Nigeria. Our client list includes some of the most renowned and blue chip companies from the country and around the world