Want to send Bulk SMS from your phone?

Our mobile apps saves you the time and cost of logging into our web platform to send your messages.

With our new mobile apps, you can easily and quickly send Bulk SMS messages directly to your mobile device contacts on the fly in a smart and more convenient way.

Our mobile app is available for Android, Windows Mobile and iOS devices


  • Access and Manage your Bulk SMS account from your mobile device
  • View your SMS balance from your device
  • Fund your SMS account from your device
  • Send/Schedule Bulk SMS from your device
  • Support for Plain and Unicode Messaging
  • Access and send SMS to your web addressbooks and contacts
  • Send Bulk SMS directly to contacts on your mobile phonebook
  • View your transactin and purchase logs on your mobile device
  • View your sent message log on your device
  • Get access to our support services 24/7 from your device
  • Easily switch between the mobile app and our web portal with the in-app browser